The Top 50 Films of the 2010s so far (2010-2014) in order by Movie Poster


So now we have the top 50 feature films of the 2010s OR the “Twenty-Tens,” so far. I am late getting this list in as 2015 is almost gone and most real critics got these out on April 2015. Is the Auteur Theory STILL at work in this list? Absolutely, since 19 of the films were created by directors that have more than one film on the list. In my posting on the “Oughts,” TOP FILMS OF THE 2000s leading directors included Woody Allen (4 entries), with 3 each for Christopher Nolan, Clint Eastwood (not on this list), Steven Spielberg (not on this list), Ridley Scott (not on this list), Martin Scorsese (on this list twice), Paul Thomas Anderson (on this list twice) and Quentin Tarantino (on this list once). Thirteen other directors had two entries each but as I got to my top 20, only Gus Van Sant (not on this list) showed up three times.

For the Twenty-Tens, so far, there are 2 entries each for Woody Allen, Chris Nolan, The Coen Brothers (how did they not show up twice in the Oughts?), David O’Russell, PT Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh and Wes Anderson. All very deserving directors. Woody Allen has been quiet since 2013’s Blue Jasmine with the slump of Magic in the Moonlight (a beautiful period piece notwithstanding) and Irrational Man – which I have yet to see. David O’Russell (I have NOT seen American Hustle) shows up twice primarily due to Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. Steven Soderbergh announced in 2013 that he was done with directing (feature films I guess) – this was painful to hear – and Wes Anderson created two beautiful films that show up highly. Christopher Nolan didn’t capitalize on his early work with Interstellar but Inception is an instant classic. David Fincher shows up in my list three times with his minor hit The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011), his hilarious, postmodern film Gone Girl (2014) and the incomparable The Social Network (2010).

As far as actors are concerned this is the decade for Channing Tatum (my 14 year old daughter has made fun of me relentlessly on this), Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence; but this is primarily the decade of Joaquin Phoenix!

As far as individual films are concerned I have a special place in my heart for Hide Away, starring Josh Lucas, not Josh Brolin.

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