Ranking Guide

No Stars – so bad I find myself writing the review during the film to avoid vomiting which I might do anyway

1/2 Stars – other than being generally nauseating, there might be ONE good thing going for it…but only one

1 Star – It might have had some promise but its an Awful film

1 1/2 Stars – Pretty bad, but not awful or nauseating, a film with few redeeming qualities

2 Stars – Meh! the film is pretty darn average and taxes my ability to finish it all the way through

2 1/2 Stars – There are good things about the film but the filmmakers dropped the ball somewhere along the way

3 Stars – This is a good film, not great, but good.  It has certain elements like character development, cinematography, story, editing, performances, etc that make it stand out in some way

3 1/2 Stars – This is a good film with three or more elements that make it good, nearing great, but not quite there.

4 Stars – A very good film – grabbed my attention with story, story arc, structure, editing, visuals, acting, genre.  Will probably move me in a way I didn’t expect.

4 1/2 Stars – An excellent film, a significant achievement in many ways.  This is a film I will watch over again and hold others up to it as a standard of achievement in film.

5 Stars – A masterpiece.  A singular directorial achievement.  A rare bird.

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