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Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967–2014)


The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 2 - 2014 Park City

The Variety Studio: Sundance Edition Presented By Dawn Levy - Day 2 - 2014 Park City

A belated RIP to Philip Hoffman.  From 1991 to 1996,  Hoffmann made his way through stage and screen, completing roles in both Twister (Davis, 1996); and as Scotty in Boogie Nights (PT Anderson, 1997), in both as tension breaking teddy bears. It’s as “Allen” in Todd Solondz’ divisive Happiness (Solondz, 1998), one of the best films of the 1990s, when he lands on me and not for the faint of heart that. His death coincided with an important birthday of mine and I now realize he has a patch on the quilt (so to speak) of my conscience and on that of my generation of artists and for those to come.

Phil Parma, the faithful nurse to a dying Jason Robards in Magnolia (Anderson, 1999)

Crowe shows up and Hoffmann plays Lester Bangs, the Rolling Stone writer in Almost Famous (Crowe, 2000)

Wilson Joel as a paint huffer in the heartbreaking and very admired (personally) Love Liza (Louiso, 2002)

My favorite PT Anderson, Hoffman plays a mad entrepreneur in Punch Drunk Love (Anderson, 2002)

Owning Mahoney (Kwietniowski, 2003)

Capote (Miller, 2005)

One of the more inventive films of his career, The Savages (Jenkins, 2007)

“And may ye be in Heaven 15 minutes Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (Sidney Lumet, 2007), his best role and greatest film? Certainly fortelling. (

With Streep and Amy Adams in Doubt (Stanley, 2008)

The Master (Anderson, 2012), his last masterpiece with PT Anderson

The Last Quartet, a great goodbye (Zilberman, 2012)


“You know the circus performer who spins the plates in the air you know, and he’ll spin six or seven plates in the air? Acting sometimes is kind of that guy spinning all those plates in the air but in your head and in your body.” —– – PSH