The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 10, “Inmates”



Terminus. Hinted at in the beginning of Season 4 as the “Sanctuary,” Episode 10 brings back the other members of the group not featured in 9, “After.” Daryl and the now Daddy less Beth; Tyreese, Mika, Lizzie and yes, an alive and well baby Judith Grimes (who didn’t think she would make it back after the bloody carseat tease in 4/8?). Judith appears well cared for with mysterious bottles of formula appearing out of nowhere except for the fact that Lizzie seems hell bent on suffocating her to death to avoid the attention of walkers. How long has the group been on the road? Enough time to find formula? Carol comes to the rescue but is disingenuous about explaining her return.

Maggie, Sasha, … Bob. Glenn and … Tara (the Governor’s “Sister In Law,” played here by Alanna Masterson). Tara will surely become the new Maggie: innocence lost and a romantic entanglement, her being so fetching. Masterson sat in on AMC’s therapeutic Talking Dead (which follows every Sunday episode until the show is done – a very clever turn that AMC started with Breaking Bad, hosted by the very charming Chris Hardwick) and held her own with CNBC’s Joe Kernen and comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Set pieces of killing the undead, sub-group by sub-group, is really all this episode carries forward. There is no question that the “Group” and Tara want to find each other. Who is alive and who isn’t? In that sense it’s a disappointment because there does not seem to be a missing link. We have hopes for a sanctuary and/or the rather ominous paramilitary group that pulls up to Tara and a coming to Glenn as the episode ends. Nice work by Lauren Cohan in the bus scene.

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