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AMC (1984 – )



What started as short run network owned by AMC Networks in 1984 changed hands 10 times before it came out with its first original series, Remember WENN, in 1996. God knows what its about but it must be good. In 2002 AMC started playing classic movies from all decades, a departure from its original format of Marx Brothers films or anything not released after 1960. Originally, AMC didn’t play 24 hours.

Now with Mad Med, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, after watching all three,..and more to come… they signify a move from film to tv series as American evening entertainment. At least in the smart American homes.

Ray (Hackford, 2004)



Just re-watched the last half of this very popular 2004 Ray Charles biopic.  Jamie Foxx, as usual, delivers a good performance as Charles.  My problem with the film as with other Academy favorite biopics of recent years is that if you slap a big star on a popular figure you tend to devolve to basic convention in the film making, which happens here.  It’s a by the book bio (no pun intended) pic.  I would rather have seen it as an actual biography in this case.  The editing corrodes to an exact timeframe in the protagonist’s life.  Ray Charles had a serious problem with Heroin well into his late thirties and for some reason the filmmakers decided to focus on this only.  How original.  Charles had a great future of philanthropy, composing and performing but the filmmakers decided to ignore his last 40 years.

1 1/2* / *****