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An open letter to Karina Longworth, film critic, Dallas Observer


Ms. Longworth,

You’re self indulgent list and the dissing of Inception is what I hate about high brow critics such as yourself. Unless I am incorrect, Enter the Void (saw it on DivX since it was not released in the city you work in, enjoyed it, and it surely “explains itself,” using you’re words, for Inception), Everyone Else, The Red Carpet, Dogtooth, Daddy Longlegs and Trash Humpers never made it to the screens in Big D, Ms. Longworth. Particularly annoying is you’re treatment of Inception. Many, me included, found it extraordinarily intelligent, thought provoking and actually dream inducing personally. The score by Hanz Zimmer is the best since Hitchcock’s Psycho. Has Somewhere even been released here yet? It may have, but it does not take away from my point. Because its a summer blockbuster you cannot rip apart Chris Nolan’s success and this accessible film.

I subscribe to both Film Comment and Sight and Sound. The former is very accessible and the latter is not. Perhaps you should move to the U.K. and watch films that are not as accessible as that country is.